3 Ways to Maintain Your Stainless Steel Balustrades – Our Guide

  • May 18, 2020

Steel has become an all-important fixture in properties all across Australia, especially in many homes in Perth.

Regardless of size, its design or location, certain fixtures and upgrades, such as steel staircases, stainless steel balustrades, and stainless steel handrails are an essential part of today’s home. When it comes to stainless steel balustrades, in particular, more and more homeowners have been installing them because of their unmistakable appeal and design impact.

From handrails and gardens to balconies and pool areas, these modern fixtures have undoubtedly cemented their place in the Australian home market thanks to their durability, design, and overall appeal. As opposed to other options in the market, they’re also easy to work with because they come in simple set-ups that can be put together in a matter of hours with the help of a certified expert!

Aside from being stylish, dependable, and easy to work with, they’re also widely known and recognised for their anti-corrosiveness and cleanliness. This is further emphasised by the fact that they don’t crack, flake, or chip off when compared to their alternatives. Similar to any fixture in the same scope, however, stainless steel balustrades will still require proper maintenance and cleaning procedures.

A few cleaning tips to consider

If you have stainless steel balustrades on your property that needs some TLC, here are three ways to help it last longer and avoid the need for replacement:

1. Apply your set-up with a stainless steel balustrade cleaner

One of the best ways to ensure that your stainless steel balustrade gets the exact care it needs is to use a specialised cleaner.

Generally, bottles of stainless steel balustrade cleaner are formulated to remove hard stains and scratches while helping apply some much-needed compounds to polish the surface and make it look clean. By applying the cleaner and following the instructions listed on the bottle, you’ll be able to keep your arrangement in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

2. Perform a weekly clean with a bit of mild detergent

An important factor to consider when cleaning your stainless steel balustrades is that harsh detergent should never be used as it can easily corrode the finish of your materials. For a regular weekly clean, it’s highly recommended that you use a mixture of one part mild detergent and three to four parts water so that it can get a nice, gentle clean that won’t leave any spots on the steel itself.

3. Avoid harsh or rough cleaning products

When you go through the cleaning products at your local hardware store or grocery, you may come across certain products like abrasive powers, brass and silver cleaners, and metallic scourers, all of which should be avoided. This is because these materials—no matter how gently you use them—can easily spoil the finish of your stainless steel balustrade as they are intensive in terms of their formulation.


Keeping your stainless steel balustrade as clean as possible is a process that can be easily undertaken when you take the necessary tips into consideration. By following the three tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to see tremendous results in no time!

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