4 Benefits for Using Stainless-Steel Wire Rope Balustrade – What to Know

  • January 9, 2020

One of the best ways to help your home achieve that sleek, contemporary aesthetic is to implement a stainless-steel wire rope balustrading. If you don’t know that balustrading is, it is the handrails (balustrade) and the supports (balusters).

With that said, you might be wondering what benefits you can earn from the use of such a fixture. Here are four of them:

1. Advantageous Over Glass

When it comes to being able to see outside and looking at the beautiful environment around you, glass might just beat any other solutions out there. However, there are some benefits to be earned from opting for balustrade over glass panels.

When using wire rope balustrade, birds are less prone to getting hurt or even killed flying into the fixture. When it comes to glass, though, many birds tend to fly straight into them, not knowing that there is an object blocking their way.

Cleaning is also a problem for glass panels. If the environment is prone to lots of dirt and grime, a lot of time will be spent trying to keep these glass panels spotless. Glass won’t work in windy areas either. While they might be built tough, there will always be a limit to how much wind pressure they can handle, which the string rope balustrading doesn’t have to worry about.

2. Unobstructed Views

While we previously mentioned that glass is one of the best solutions to maximize views, a wire rope balustrading can do just as well. Focusing on balustrades, however, some of them can obstruct the beautiful environment around your property. Some might be built with large posts, which blocks your view. However, with the use of wire rope balustrades, this obstruction is kept to a minimum, allowing the beauty of your property’s surroundings to reach your eyes.

3. Enhanced Contemporary Aesthetics

Stainless-steel wire rope balustrading offers some of the best aesthetic enhancements to your home contemporary-wise. Thanks to its versatility in design, allowing you to opt for vertical or horizontal wire ropes, it can pair with any part of your property, enhancing its overall sleek and clean look. However, it is essential to note that your design choice of this balustrading will somewhat depend on the regulations and requirements in your local area. In the end, though, how you want it to enhance your home’s aesthetic will be more so up to you.

4. Versatile Design

Apart from allowing you to choose between horizontal and vertical wire ropes, another handy design aspect of these wire rope balustrades is the choice of posts you can use. Wooden posts can be used if you want to lean on the warmer and more welcoming feel. Wood can also be a choice if you want to pair it with the environment around your home. You can also opt for metal posts, which can create that industrial and minimalist look. In other words, stainless-steel wire ropes can be custom designed to fit the aesthetics of your home.

Stainless-steel wire rope balustrades are excellent in not only helping your home look modernized and sleek but also in giving you an unobstructed view to the outside. In addition to that, the fixture also requires minimal maintenance compared to other options, promising little to no headaches while being durable.

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