4 Benefits of Frameless Glass Pool Fence in a Residential Area – What to Know

  • January 27, 2020

These days, there is a wide variety of designs for swimming pool fencing. Part of maintaining a swimming pool is making sure that it is safe for its users. Unfortunately, not every aesthetically pleasing design equates to safe and child-friendly features. That said, a frameless glass pool fence is the perfect solution to this problem. It is a way to balance out the elements of safety and beauty all in one product.

Unlike traditional glass panes or fences, a frameless glass fence has seamless panels without visible joints. This feature allows people to see through the fences, which is an excellent way for them to become aware of their surroundings. Because of that, it is easier for parents or guardians to monitor their children while they are playing on the pool. It also works well for monitoring guests’ safety during parties.

Here are the other benefits of a frameless glass pool fence:

1. It levels up the style of the swimming area

A frameless glass pool fence has a beautiful and luxurious look. The fence is mostly used for commercial establishments, such as hotels and resort clubs. However, these fences are also much suited for residential areas. They are made up of glass that does not have any metal sidings. This makes it look like the glass is suspended in the air, which is attractive for daredevils and other thrill-seekers. The frameless glass gives an elegant and sophisticated look as well, making it a perfect upgrade to the swimming area.

2. It maintains the view of the surrounding nature

Aside from the visually pleasing looks of the glass fence itself, it also amplifies the beauty of its surroundings. Its see-through glass allows everyone to look through the view of nature outside the panes. The foliage outside is beautiful, and it must not be wasted. Also, a see-through glass fence gives off an airy and relaxing feeling while floating or swimming in the pool.

3. It minimises the risk of serious outdoor accidents

One crucial benefit of pool fencing is that it reduces the risk of serious outdoor accidents. Children love to play outdoors and have the tendency to trip over just about anywhere. They are at a high risk of tripping over the pool that might be too deep for them. The fence, therefore, allows parents to monitor their children outside without having to follow them around in close proximity. Find the best supplier of glass pool fencing in Perth to eliminate the risk of pool accidents.

4. It adheres to fencing requirements mandated by the government

The local government has fencing requirements for a swimming pool to ensure everyone’s safety. They have found that more than 50 per cent of drowning accidents are attributed to pool mishaps. A frameless glass fence is considered as a type of barricade that adheres to the fencing requirements as mandated by the government.

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