4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Glass Pool Fence – Our Guide

  • January 16, 2020

Glass pool fences are an ideal option to ensure the utmost safety while still maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your pool area. It is often deemed as a necessity, especially if you have small kids around the pool.

If you are thinking of installing a glass pool fence, one of the main aspects that you need to consider is what type of glass it would require. Ideally, you should choose the type of glass that can withstand extreme weather conditions, strong winds, and hard impacts. It is also a requirement that the glass you get is in line with the Australian Standards and certified. This is because there have been many issues of shattered glass due to poor quality materials that were used.

First, here a few reasons a glass pool fence is important:

  1. It improves the look of your yard
  2. It provides an unobstructed view of the pool
  3. It ensures pool safety for pets and children
  4. It is low on maintenance
  5. It is durable and reliable

With that, here are four factors to consider before installing a glass pool fence.

1. Height and width

Typically, the ideal height for residential glass pool fences is 1200mm. Similar to the thickness, however, you can customize it to suit your design and taste requirements. A semi-frameless glass pool fence is usually between 1600mm to 1800mm in width, while frameless glass installations range from 1800mm to 1900mm wide.

2. Thickness

The standard thickness for glass pool panels is between 6mm-12mm, but they can be modified and customized to up to 18mm thickness. Keep in mind that there are two types of glass panel installations:

  • Frameless installations: 12mm-18mm thick
  • Semi-frameless installations: 10mm thick

Know that 6mm-8mm glass panels can also be used, although they are not typically recommended since they are not sturdy enough to take high wind loads or withstand impact. If you have thicker glass panels, it is less likely to shatter from stormy or windy weather.

3. Australian standards

Keep in mind that the glass panels that you choose must pass the Australian Standards and bear the Conformity Mark of Australian Standards certification. These are the kinds that are generally produced and manufactured using the most advanced technology and equipment. They also need to pass a series of quality standards tests through a rigid set of criteria. It is crucial to ensure that you have only high-quality glass panels because it improves durability by a significant margin.

4. High-quality spigots

Know that this is a necessary requirement for frameless installations. Regardless of how durable your glass is, but if the hardware is poorly manufactured, it will impact the integrity of the overall structure and reduce its durability.

Spigots are now widely available in the market. If you are on a budget, you can choose spigots made of casting. If you want to level up a bit and have enough budget to spend for more, however, you can choose spigots that are manufactured using high-end tools and equipment that use premium fittings.

A glass pool fence can also be custom-made, but know that they can be generally sold at a higher price range than compared to the standard ones. Regardless of what your requirements are, it is practical that you choose a manufacturer who is able to understand your needs and can provide you with the solution that suits your budget and requirements.

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