5 Modern Handrail Designs to Choose for a Standout Staircase – Our Guide

  • February 3, 2020

If you want to remodel your house, there are many ways to spruce up the look, and there are many elements you can play around with. One way to put an aesthetically appealing element in the spotlight is your staircase, and it goes without saying that you have to pay particular attention to the handrail. Know that the balustrade and handrail aren’t merely safety features at home that protect the household members going up and down the stair. The perfect handrail can actually transform the overall appearance of your home!

As there’s a handful of handrail designs out in the markets of Perth, you will want to consider several modern designs to make your staircase stand out. Consider the following options:

1. Glass design

Sure, a glass handrail may not be a practical option for you due to the cost that comes with it. However, think about the smooth glass panel that can give your home its class, elegance, and sophistication. When installed in your staircase, it will make the rest of the spaces seem lighter, brighter, and more comfortable. Also, consider its safety feature that can serve as a barrier in your staircase and its easy maintenance. All these features and benefits are excellent reasons to invest in a glass handrail.

2. Metal design

Yes, a metal handrail may appear to be a little industrial. Nevertheless, when you choose the right metal design, there’s so much that it can do to your home. For one, metal is a flexible material that can be designed into the shape or style that you envision. You can either opt for straightforward bars with clean looks and safety features or go for something more curved and ornate.

3. Wood design

If you want to take the traditional route for a handrail design, then the wood is the most viable option because most balustrades are made of wood slats with a wooden rail along the top. Installing a wooden handrail can make your staircase look perfectly simple and surprisingly elegant. There are many possibilities for a handrail to choose from — ornate wood, light wood, dark wood, or even wood with carvings.

4. Classic design

Most homeowners go for a classic look for their homes. If you want to complement the classic appearance of your home, consider a classic design for your staircase’s handrail, whether it’s a wooden, metal, or glass material. Gather some inspiration from old houses or buildings for your handrail, and incorporate these classic handrail ideas into your staircase. You’ll be amazed at how it can draw attention and illuminate your stairs.

5. Colourful design

If you want to be a little experimental and playful, then using colours for your handrail is the key to do so. Know that the brighter it is, the more it will catch the attention and spur the interest of the household members and even your guests. However, be wary in your colour selection so that it won’t hurt the eyes. Make sure to keep the colour balanced with the rest of the property and the other elements as well.

There’s no doubt that homeowners want a certain feature at home to stand out. The handrail is surely one of them that can make a difference in your abode. Consider one or a combination of the handrail designs mentioned above — be it glass, metal, wood, classic, or colourful designs.

With various commercial handrails available in Perth, the possibilities are endless for you. Be sure to invest in a commercial handrail that can transform the look and feel of your home for years to come!

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