What to Know Before Purchasing Your First Balustrade

  • May 4, 2020

Constructing a building is not just about putting the pieces together and ensuring it’s safe and sound for it. In fact, it also requires careful planning and designing, plus the proper materials to bring the plan to life. For your masterpiece to have personality, you should pay attention to the little details because they effectively give a touch of character to any space. One aspect to explore is the look of your balustrade.

The balustrade is the railing comprised of balusters. It is often found in balconies, terraces, and bridges. Though it is considered a small detail, tweaking your railing look will enhance your building’s visual aesthetic and increase your project’s uniqueness.

Some factors to consider in choosing the right railing are the placement and type of material to use, and identifying where you’ll put them helps you determine what type of materials to get. In this article, we will share with you three balustrade materials options you should know of before commencing your construction project:

1. Using a glass balustrade

If you don’t want to block the view of your balcony or the inside space where you’ll put your railing, consider using glass material for it. This is the best to use in commercial spaces or businesses near the beach or near the mountains where the view is breathtaking.

Besides the strength and durability of the glass as a material, it is also safe and secure. It is the perfect solution if you don’t want your balustrade to have gaps or spaces. This will block the wind from overflowing in your space, and will also prevent your small pets from potentially harming themselves by falling in the spaces. Glass options also don’t block light and give an illusion of a bigger space – ideal for modern interiors.

The only challenge that you should be willing to take when using glass for balustrade is how visible the dirt will be. This material, though easy to clean, will require proper and regular care and maintenance to keep it looking stunning at all times.

2. Using a wrought-iron balustrade

Wrought iron as railing can add character and style to any stairs or space. Using this material allows designers to experiment on the look of the buildings and homes that they’re working on. Since iron can be formed into different shapes, this material can easily provide you with a variety of options.

Using wrought iron for your railing also helps prevents chances of falls or slips in your balcony area. It is a heavy-duty material that can resist the effects of snowstorms or rain showers. Although this material might be a little pricey, it can last a long time when proper maintenance is applied. At the same time, make sure to work with experts in customising and installing wrought iron balustrades for it to look good and for proper installation.

3. Using a stainless steel balustrade

Know that stainless steel is the favourite balustrade choice for commercial spaces in Perth. The number one reason behind its popularity is the material’s strength. Steels are known for their capability to withstand harsh weather conditions without rusting, like the wrought iron option.

They are perfect to use in outdoor designs as well, such as porch or terraces, and they are easier to maintain. Simply wipe out your balustrade with a clean cloth every few weeks, and it will stay glossy and shiny without so much effort. Stainless steel options can also support heavier weights compared to other materials.

Choose a stainless steel balustrade supplier that can customise your design requirements. Since more buildings and homes are into using a stainless steel railing, yours should look different compared to others.


Keep in mind that different materials exist for different purposes. This is why you should identify your priority, and make sure your chosen material will cater to those needs. Also, work with suppliers that provide the finest materials and best balustrading services to make your ideas come to life.

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