What You Need to Consider with DIY Glass Pool Fencing

  • March 22, 2019

If you’re thinking about installing DIY glass pool fencing, there are many things you need to consider beforehand. To help you get started, Aussie Balustrading & Stairs details some of the most important considerations when opting for DIY glass pool fencing.

Buying the Right Parts

It’s essential that you purchase all the right parts so your pool fencing can be built to the highest standard. It’s recommended that you purchase DIY stainless steel kits that come with all the essential fittings you need, ensuring you have everything on hand to complete the job.

Speaking to the Council

If you plan on building a DIY glass pool fence, it’s essential to first speak to your local council to ensure you’re adhering to all pool fence regulations. This may mean building your fence to a certain height or having particular locks installed to keep children safe. A building permit may also be required prior to installing, constructing or altering a fence, or for altering doors and gates that restrict access to a swimming pool or spa area. By adhering to the right guidelines, you can ensure the safety of your loved ones and save money by getting your fence right the first time.

Knowing Your Desired Layout

Before erecting DIY glass pool fencing, you should have a good idea of your desired layout. This means planning and researching different ways in which your pool fencing could work. You’ll also need to consider how much space you have available and the dimensions of your backyard in order to ensure that your fencing will fit in comfortably. It’s important that you take the time to work out your desired layout and make sure all measurements are correct.

Taking Position of Gates into Account

Finally, you must consider the positioning of your gates when you decide to build a DIY glass pool fence. This allows you to ensure maximum functionality and convenience of the gates. It’s also important to determine an optimal fixing method, such as spigots or posts.
For more information on DIY glass pool fencing, speak to the experts at Aussie Balustrading & Stairs today.