What You Need to Know About Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

  • July 29, 2019

Swimming pools are popular with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Children love splashing around and having fun, while adults can exercise or even relax in the pool to reduce stress. Ultimately, everyone dreams of taking a deep dive into a cool pool on a hot summer’s day. However, it’s important that proper safety practices are implemented to ensure your swimming pool doesn’t cause harm. One way to vastly improve safety around your pool is to install a frameless glass pool fence or balustrade in Perth that keeps out children and has clear glass for easy supervision. Continue reading to learn more about frameless glass pool fencing.

Why Do Pools Need Fences?

It’s compulsory by law in Australia that swimming pools of any size must be enclosed by fences or barricades to prevent accidents. In addition to keeping children safe, pool fences can also help to deter criminals and wild animals from venturing into your pool. But with fences, the charm and beauty of your pool can be hidden. Wood, aluminium, iron and steel fences don’t just look shabby over time, but also block the view of your beautiful pool. This is where frameless glass pool fencing and balustrade in Perth can be useful, providing a stylish way of showing off your pool. For this reason, glass pool fencing is a popular choice for swimming clubs, hotels and residential homes alike.

What is Frameless Glass Fencing?

Frameless glass fencing consists of a big slab of thick and sturdy glass that’s joined by strong screws, helping to hold the fencing in place without the need for an unsightly frame. This enables a continuous view of your pool through the glass. For added safety, the glass edges can be rubbed and made smooth.

Why Choose Aussie Balustrading & Stairs?

Aussie Balustrading & Stairs is proud to be a prominent frameless glass pool fence provider in Perth with years of experience. You can trust us to transform your ordinary poolside into one that’s worthy of being posted on Instagram.

Here are just a few more reasons why we’re a top choice for your balustrade in Perth:

  • We have 30 years of experience designing top-grade glass fences, transporting them with great care and expertly installing them.
  • We can install a range of fencing solutions for homes, hotels, motels, schools, resorts, office buildings and more, including frameless glass fences, semi frameless glass pool fences and glass balustrades, and self-closing gates.
  • We have a large warehouse where we maintain an excellent inventory of premium glass, which is then carefully transported by our trusted drivers and delivery personnel.
  • Our qualified engineers and installers arrive on time, every time, as our past clients can verify.
  • We provide affordable services for customised glass fencing and balustrade in Perth, ensuring the utmost satisfaction.
  • Our top-grade glass is robust enough to ensure safety and security.
  • We’re an ASO1926.1 certified company with many happy clients in various cities of Western Australia. We always adhere to Australian Standards when ensuring the safety of pools.
  • We strictly adhere to the Building Code of Australia (BCA)2016.
  • Our experts can assist with every step of your job, from precise glass cutting through to installation and maintenance.

Enjoy Style and Strength Combined

The polished premium-grade glass used for frameless glass fencing and balustrade in Perth is ultra-smooth and stylish for a delicate look. At the same time, robust stainless steel components are used to ensure strength and safety. These components are rust-proof and can’t be corroded easily.

In conclusion, you can rest assured that frameless glass pool fencing is strong enough to withstand strong winds and improve safety around your pool, all while letting in more light and allowing for more beautiful views. For more information, contact Aussie Balustrading & Stairs today on 0431 827 160